Giveaway Referral link Program

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We do share with our community the referrals links of every single airdrops.

Every airdrop with a referral system done with us, allows you to share your referral link with the whole community. We give to every single person the chance to have more referrals!

What is my chance to get more referrals?

Every time is airdrop page is printed; has 50% to have his referral link taken. The community, ie you, have a 50% chance that your link will be drawn.

How to provide my referral link?

For that you need, you first have to connect your telegram account with our website from the dashboard. The process is really simple; you just have to follow the instructions.

Then, on every single airdrop, you can follow it and add your referral link. That’s it; everything is automatic from now on.

Every time is airdrop page is printed; 50% chance is splitted among all community link gathered.. Each member has an equal chance to get used there!

It’s easy and very simple.

It’s a way to reward our loyal community and share the winnings from tokens distributions.

Why are you giving away your referrals?

We know that it is not possible for everyone to invite friends or acquaintances to make an airdrop. We aim to provide a trustable, community driven airdrop platform.

And even if we favor quality over quantity, some airdrops pay for and promote referrals.

That’s why with our sharing function, we want to give everyone the opportunity to have extra winning chances for free.

With this fonction, we want to show you that our community is important to us and our priority.