Report 7 days

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πŸ“…Airdropers – Report -> 02/04/2019 – 09/04/2019

Statistics of the 7 last days

βœ… 6 new airdrops (~22.4$)
πŸšͺ 0 closed airdrops (~0$)
πŸ’° 0 airdrop received (~0$)
🚫 29 airdrops rejected!

Details of the 7 last days

βœ… The following airdrops released recently are still available:
πŸ”Έ 03/04/2019 – Streamex ~14.4$
πŸ”Έ 02/04/2019 – TitanCoin ~4$
πŸ”Έ 03/04/2019 – Bither ~N/A$
πŸ”Έ 03/04/2019 – DobiExchange ~N/A$
πŸ”Έ 04/04/2019 – CoinHatcher ~N/A$
πŸ”Έ 08/04/2019 – Futurepia ~4$

πŸšͺ No airdrop has been closed lately

πŸ’° No airdrop has been received lately.

Here are some graphics to better understand the work we’ve done in the 7 last days

Below is a short analysis of the airdrops we’ve studied and rejected. During the 7 last days, we’ve rejected more than 83% of them, which shows how picky we are πŸ˜‰.

Details on the full reject list can be found on our site. We have also classified as ‘SCAM’ more than 4% of the rejected projects! we’ve rejected more than 14% rejected projects!

🚨 The information collected below is from Estimated earnings amounts are based on the advertised ICO price of each project. market price may fluctuate.

πŸŽ‰Only legit, verified and cool airdrops for good rewards!
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